Monday, March 23, 2009

Bird digi-collage...hoping for spring

...this is an altered digital photo of some apples that I snapped..I added many layers of textures, designs & frames over the black and white vintage image of the birds. Hope you like.
I heard the first bird songs of spring, even though we have been having a few snow flurries still...I know Spring will not be too far away for us now!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some sad, sad news and a tribute to my mother

My wonderful mother passed away on Friday March 9. Her funeral was on Tuesday, March 17. We didn't realize it but the date that we picked was St. Patrick's Day. She was only 76 yrs.
She kept an Irish Blessing on her refrigerator for many years and it really brought her joy.

...this photo is of some "secret" stairs in my home town that I used to take to elementary school once in a while. While I was back taking care of the funeral arrangements for my mother, I had to stop and snap a shot, revisiting some of my childhood memories.
I offered to make the memorial folders for the funeral and on the back side of the folders, I added the Irish Blessing saying in her honor, over the photo of the stairs.
My mom...she had a great sense of humor, loved children, and always found the simple things in life to be the most rewarding... I will always miss her, but am so glad that I shared so many years by her side!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This photo started out as pink gerber daisies from the flower shop...I had fun layering and altering it to get to the point that you find here...I think eventually I would even take it further, with some 3D embellishments, maybe on a journal cover or something??!

The workshop is winding down now and the last step is the "in the studio" approach to making a fabulous finished mat for our photos. I am not able to access my art supplies right now so I will have to put this last step on hold until a little later and come back to it.
In the mean time I will be continuing on my own to explore this fun new adventure of digital tweaking...I feel that I am just really scratching the surface of what there is to explore and so for now, I must be content to keep my hands clean and out of my art supplies and on the computer keyboard keys!!!