Sunday, November 22, 2009

last nights storm...reminding me of a child's temper tantrum

When I went to bed last night, there were only a few of the most delicate, feathery snowflakes sprinkled overhead.

During the night a storm blew in awakening me from my slumber.

It tapped and rattled at the windows, whining loudly through the trees. It howled most of the night, reminding me of a child's' temper tantrum, demanding my attention.

I pulled my blankets up around my ears trying to stifle the petition of the storm. Knowing the storm was not getting any sympathy from me, it eventually quieted down and subsided its lobbying for attention and finished the night in silence.
As I awoke this morning, I peeked from behind the blinds not knowing what to expect from all the commotion of last nights child-like temper display.

The storm lay in sweet repose at my feet, and I, as if the proud Mom, just stood and grinned astonished at the beauty.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Falling temp.'s = beautiful Autumn colors...

My son and I were in Portland this past weekend on the campus of OHSU/Doernbecker Children's Hospital getting some further testing done on his kidneys. We had quite a bit of time between procedures, so I snapped a few shots of some gorgeous Autumn colors.

Of course, I can not leave well enough alone and had to "tweak" some of my photos...I added in a little blue hue for a touch of whimsy.