Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New art and some beauty shots of Central Oregon's Suttle Lake

It's about time I popped in here and gave an update about what I've been up to...don't ya think?

I've been working at a new floral shop since the first of the year because my ex-boss has closed up shop and retired. The new flower shop job is a blessing but they do things differently and I am having to re-learn some styles and designs that makes my days somewhat challenging, but keeps my brain exercised all the same. To steal a quote 'it's a good thing.'
As far as my art goes, I have only been able to eek out a few minutes here and there at the computer, but I'm really liking what I have been coming up with. I have been toying around with the idea of putting together a line of cards or journals or something...I'll have to keep working on that thought. In the mean time here is a small sample of one of my designs I have been working on above.

And finally, on the way back from Portland after taking our youngest Logan up to OHSU childrens Hospital for more testing on his kidneys, we took a quick stop at Suttle Lake.
The sun came out and I snapped a few photos. The main Lodge was incredible and we walked around the grounds which had cabins with lake front views. Up the road was a campground for tenters, and we were impressed enough to maybe plan a trip back in Summer.
It also didn't hurt that they had Spa facilities on site. (Tee Hee)
Hope everyone has an artful day, until next time XXOO

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Jann said...

I love the card--it is darling--and the photos are so nice--I have been to Suttle Lake many times in the past--I lived in Oregon for over 20 years, and it truly is one of the most beautiful states in the US--I miss it a lot!